Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fantasy Cave Environment - Maya Blockout

Now that I have a little spare time, I thought it was time to begin working on a new environment for my portfolio. Personally I feel that it is no longer reflective of the level of work I am capable of as I have learned a great deal since the work in it was completed.

I started by concepting out an idea, a mysterious cave littered with old stone ruins, and in the center, a large obelisk chained to four pillars. Below you can see the blockout I created to get down the idea in Maya. I have gotten in the habit of always creating a grey-box whenever I have an idea for a new environment I would like to create. This way I can translate what I see in my imagination down in to a 3d space, and make corrections to things that don't look right once in the space.

As I will be using UE4 for this environment, I exported the default character mesh out of the engine and ported it in to Maya to use as a scale reference. This way I can make sure everything is proportionate and looks correct before I begin the detailed modeling process.

As you can see everything is still very simple and made mostly of just base primitives. The empty area around the scene will be filled in rocks to create the inside of the cave once I get to that stage.

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