Monday, August 10, 2015

Fantasy Cave Environment - Final Rock Bakes

With being happy with the way the normal bake came out, I was free to move on to baking the rest of the textures I would need before I could begin the albedo. From xNormal I will bake a cavity, height, curvature, and ambient occlusion map, although I may let NDO create a curvature map based on the normal map. xNormal does a great job on all of these, although its AO map sometimes is a little light but a quick levels adjustment in Photoshop will fix that up.

Once these are all baked I can then port them in to UE4 to take a look. My only mistake was I did not flip the channels when baking in xNormals for the normal, so they were actually inverted inside UE4, but instead of re-baking it, you can just use a constant3 node set to 1, -1, 1 and multiple it by your normal to simply invert the channels. 

Next step will be working on the albedo, and then an actual material creation in UE4 utilizing all the maps. 

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